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Stay at Home Calling

Why God calls us to be homemakers

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In this video training you'll walk away with...

  • Biblical knowledge to help you know of a surety this is the calling for you
  • The ability to figure out who you want to be at home 
  • Helpful advice to have that talk with your husband and how to get an excited YES from him
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3 Videos 

3 short videos designed to help you know that is the call God has for you and how to handle it with your spouse. You can use this for friends and other family too! 


Grab some exclusive downloads only available in this mini course that will equip you for any tough conversation about staying home + a sample script!

A Deeper Faith

This mini course will help you grow closer to your Savior by understanding the design God has for you and your life.

Christina V.

"I was reading Proverbs 31 and immediately thought of you and how you are a Proverbs 31 woman through and through." 

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About Ashley 

Ashley Price is a Christian Relationship and Homemaking Expert who helps Christian moms love being a wife, mother and homemaker so they can have a happier marriage, create a home full of peace and love and have an enviable relationship with their kids.


Ashley has been credited with creating the Christian Mom's Netflix with her signature membership, The Prudent Homemaker. She is the leading expert on all things biblical relationships and the home.

Her journey began in 2014 when a missionary knocked on her door and introduced her to Christ. It was then that she realized her true calling in life was being a wife and a mother.

She currently lives in the woods of South Georgia with her husband, two boys and two labs (that think they are lap dogs).

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