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Prudent Homemaker is a monthly biblical membership for the Christian woman who wants to strengthen her relationship with God, hubby and kiddos, while thriving in her role at home.


God has a calling for you mama...Can you hear it?


Ready to stop resisting what you know to be true?


The truth of the matter is, the world has been telling you and I one thing and God is telling us something different. 

We can’t really serve two masters. 

We can’t keep being in the world and being a Christian.


It usually happens like this:


We get convicted to do something and then we resist

Then eventually, we submit to what God has called for us

We do that for a while and love it

Then it gets hard to do it day in and day out so we start grumbling

Then we fall into old habits

And then can’t figure out why life got harder

Sound familiar? 


Deep down - we both want a home filled with love. A home where our children want a marriage like ours. A home that is a refuge from the world outside.


We want the marriage God designed.


We want kids that are on fire for God.


We want to figure out how to juggle faith, family, home and career (whether you work from home or in the corporate world).


You know you can’t keep going the way you’ve been going because you’re not moving the needle forward.


How do you stop the cycle and live the life God called for you?

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Hey, I'm Ashley and helping Christian women love their God-given role is my jam.


I was like you. I probably was worse because when my Church leaders told me that my marketing firm wouldn't fulfill me and marriage and motherhood would, I left. I left the Church because my ego got in the way.

But God always has a plan. He let me see that family was the most important and that no career I ever had fulfilled me in the way that I wanted to be a wife and mother.

Then God introduced me to a man who wanted the same things I did and had a strong faith. I quickly realized how much it mattered to me that being a wife and mother was first.

Once I started living life in a Godly order, people started to ask me a ton of questions! They wanted help on having a biblical relationship and stat! They wanted advice on how to handle certain situations in their home and wanted to learn how to be a homemaker.

I guess I was doing something right!

Since then, I've helped women ditch worldly and unfulfilling ideologies and love the life God wants for them.

I learned quickly that the world wasn't going to satisfy me and my Bishop was right

Successful homes and happy marriages require something so simple but most aren't willing to do it

It's about setting aside our ego, showing up in service and feasting on the Word of God.

Introducing Prudent Homemaker

A community designed to help you grow in your faith, family and home

You see I was the woman who resisted.I was searching for fulfillment in all the wrong places.


I was a party girl a decade ago.


I couldn’t manage to keep a career for more than 18 months because I would quit. Something was always wrong.


Then I was introduced to Jesus at 24.


I didn’t grow up religious and my neighbor sharing the Gospel with me was the most influential thing someone has ever done for me.


Jesus changed every decision I made.

I realized that while I kept quitting job after job, my true calling was wife and mother. It’s all I had actually ever wanted to do.

While I, like you, have other passions, showing up in service to my family is my primary calling in this life.


When I started to show up the way God asked me to, it changed everything.


My husband now takes his scriptures to work.


My marriage is insanely happy.


My kids are on fire for God.


Geez, even my dogs’ demeanor changed.


The truth of the matter is when we follow God’s truth, everything changes for the better.


I know the home life you envisioned is just around the corner because I've been there and done it. It's all possible! 


What's Included



Prudent Homemaker has a community off of Facebook right inside the community. You'll be surrounded by like-minded women who are ready to be here for you in every step of life's journey.


I have put together a ton of biblical advice and have dove deep into some tough topics. I kept the videos short because I know you're a busy mom so you'll find short but ultra concise videos back there.


Every week we hold office hours where you can ask me anything and once a month you have the opportunity to snag a one on one call with me to discuss your specific situation.

Exclusive Perks

As members, you get first access to anything and everything I create. See new blog posts, YouTube videos, podcast episodes, events, books, courses, etc. all before they come out to the world! 

Prudent Homemaker Is Perfect For You If...


 You're a Christian mama 

 You desire to grow your relationship with God

 You want a stronger marriage

 You want an amazing relationship with your kids 

 You want your home to be a haven of peace where faith and love grow

I Get It...


This was everything I had needed and frankly, still do need.


It’s tough being home with your family 24/7 and trying to live the life God called you to live.


No one gets it except other Christian moms.


That’s what I created here.

Prudent Homemaker

Join Now for $47

A community of like-minded women just trying to live like Jesus and raise their family.

You and I want the same thing.

So come and join us! 

Change your life.

Change the life of your husband.

Change the life of your child.

Change the community around you.

That’s what is possible on the other side of this click.