Prudent Homemaker

Prudent Homemaker is a biblical membership for faith-based women who want to strengthen their personal relationships, create a happy home and prioritize their beliefs.

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Private Community

Prudent Homemaker has a private community right on the website so you never have to worry about someone stumbling across anything you say via Facebook.

Helpful Tools

Watch biblically based video trainings, grab some PDF's to help manage your home (hello chore charts) and join a Bible study! 


Every month you have an opportunity to get some 1:1 support from me. There's also a chance to pop in prayer requests and we hold weekly office hours live!

Hey, I'm Ashley Price

I was climbing the corporate ladder when God told me to check my heart. I realized my priorities were not God-focused and I had to make a shift. He reminded me my ultimate calling was to be a wife, mother and homemaker. Now, I help other women glorify God through their calling in the home.

Take a leap of faith 

If God has called you to it, He will bring you through it. This may that answer to your prayers. This may be the moment when you get the love and support you need. This is where we get on the path of least resistance. Your marriage, family and faith will all change. That is a promise. So I'll see you in the community! 

Join the Community

Join us in Prudent Homemaker where you'll be met with biblical support only designed to help you flourish in your home and spiritual life.


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